Critical Remarks from Minister Bozdag on FETO Trials 06.06.2017

Critical Remarks from Minister Bozdag on FETO Trials

Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag made some important remarks during the 46. Ordinary Congress of Turkish Association of Notaries. Some of the important headlines are as follows:



Trials started. I am sure you are following the trials closely. However, there is a certain reality. The members of the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization who participated in the coup attempt and those who later sided with them are denying their involvement, as if they agreed to say so beforehand. They are the ones who threw the bombs, everything is crystal clear. They are caught in flagrante delicto, many people saw them. But they are consistently denying it. Then who are they, if not you? They ran over the people with tanks, but they keep telling that they are not who we think they are. Then who are they? We have footage of them on the tanks, we have photos and everything. But according to them, they are not who we think they are. The leader of the terrorist organization Gulen commands them to deny everything. Can you deny the presence of the sun? But they do, they deny it. They make fun of people' minds and deny the allegations. They are mocking court delegation's and Turkish nation's mind by denying and refusing the allegations. This cannot be accepted. We have their communication records, they are telling others where to bomb, giving addresses and they are bombing those addresses. It is evident, we have their records, but they refuse this allegation. There are expert reports but they still deny the truth. I have never heard or seen such a treacherous terrorist organization. There are other terrorist organizations, too. They are giving statements on what they did. But on the other hand, we have FETO which is so treacherous, ruthless, unprincipled that they cannot even admit their involvement in the coup which failed. They do not have the courage to say 'we have organized it but we failed'. They were caught in flagrante delicto together. They had arms, helicopters, tanks and warplanes. But they deny everything. They are being told what to say during testimony. As I said before, it is the leader of the terrorist organization who prompts them. He keeps commanding them to deny everything. Would it help you if you denied it or not? You were caught red-handed. You bombed the Assembly, we had parliamentarian friends there. I was on rostrum giving my speech. A man in the General Staff said he did not hear a thing. How on earth did you not hear it? We all heard the dropping of bombs, the whole Turkey and Ankara witnessed the bombings. But he said he did not hear it, he was not informed. There are fingerprints, research and expert reports. Fingerprints belong to him, but he keep telling that is not true. He travelled side by side with Adil Oksuz, they spoke on the road. We have tickets, seat numbers and everything. They went together. When he was asked about what they were speaking, he stated "I do not know Adil Oksuz at all and perhaps I answered a question Oksuz may have asked".



Distinguished members of Association of Notaries, Fethullahist Terrorist Organization is not the same as other terrorist organizations we have seen until today. They differ in terms of method, structure, functioning, they are completely different from others. This is the first terrorist organization which commit crimes, do misdeeds and injustice for Allah's sake. They have killed for Allah's sake. They have plotted against you to be able to go to heaven. They stole exam questions and considered it worship. They have never considered them as crimes. We are up against a completely different structure. They have pretended to be Kemalist when they are among Kemalists, Republican among Republicans, nationalist among nationalists and members of PKK among PKK members. This is a terrorist organization which try to fit in any group they are in and pretend to be one of them. Therefore, its members do not have any character or principle. They are not how they seem to be and they do not reflect their true self, either. You might recall the saying that "either seem as you are or be as you seem". However, none of the members of this organization seems as they are or none of them is as they seem. That is why they can deceive us all. They can deceive you all. That is to say, I expect once more from our sublime nation to act responsibly when it comes to the members of this organization.



This organization continues to deceive its own members both on the inside and the outside and their families by using our Great Prophet Muhammad, Quran, his companions, religious leaders and sacred values. I want to reach out to the families. Please speak up against the traitor Fethullah Gulen, the leader of this terrorist organization and his followers. Enough is enough. Tell them to stay away from you, your families and children. But they do not do that. Members of Fethullahist Terrorist Organization defend themselves upon the commands of the organization. Look at how they defend themselves in all courts. The ones in Edirne defend themselves in the same way as those in Kars. Because Pennsylvania determines this strategy for defense, the leader of this organization tells them what to say. He approves them. This organization tries to manipulate the families in the same way. It instructs the members to make propaganda of the organization on the outside.



We went through a referendum, all parties together. The organization wanted their people to talk about victimization there. But they were to speak out loud and make others hear what they say. Whenever the Ministers or parliamentarians arrived, they were supposed to do so. I am not only talking about the AK Party members. Also the other parties. When you go to a place, people are talking about victimization out loud. The organization also commands them to wander in the corridors full of elderly people, uncles, aunts, children, judges and prosecutors handling their case and sit in a pathetic way with their head down. By doing so, they try to manipulate people's conscience. They have done everything in an organized manner, they still do. I want to say clearly to FETO and its leaders that this State knows every step you take. Members of the judiciary also see and know your games, tricks and plots. They will deal with you in accordance with Turkish laws not with your plots and tricks. They will observe the law and implement it correctly. Whoever hopes to influence the judiciary and manipulate the case decisions is wrong. Turkish judiciary is independent and impartial. God willing, our judiciary is cleaned from members who sold their mind and heart to FETO just like Assassins. In the following period, we will not hesitate to take action against anyone who has connection with or pity on FETO or other terrorist organizations. Those serving in the judiciary will decide on behalf of the nation and in accordance with their personal conviction. They will obey the laws, the law and Constitution by the competence vested by the nation. If they are members of other terrorist organizations and act in compliance with their ideologies, political views and beliefs, we will take the necessary action as soon as we detect them. Because the independence and impartiality of the judiciary is our insurance. In a state governed by rule of law if judicial members act pursuant to a political belief, use different methods and ways, cooperate with a certain group and furthermore, if people turn a blind eye to that, the law, justice, judicial independence and impartiality will disappear. The biggest damage was without doubt inflicted on our nation, State and state institutions. However, I would like to emphasize here that, of all state institutions, the judiciary and army were hit the hardest by this organization.

Judiciary of Turkey