ECtHR rejected thousands of applications 14.11.2017

Following the coup attempt orchestrated by FETO/PDY organization on 15 July 2016, the state of emergency had been declared in compliance with our Constitution and international conventions of which Turkey is a party. Decree Laws were issued within the scope of the state of emergency which led to several measures taken in regard to public servants, students, retired personnel and several legal personalities which are understood to be members of, have relation with or affiliation to structures, establishments or groups acting against the national security of the state according to National Security Council.

In this context, lots of applications have been lodged to the ECtHR either directly against the measures taken by the Decree Laws or on other allegations. Consequently, the number of pending cases brought to the ECtHR against our country reached 24.600 on 31/05/2017 while it was 7.600 on 31 October 2016 after the 15 July.

State of Emergency Inquiry Commission was founded and started its work by the promulgation of the Decree Law 685. As a result of the Decree Law 685 and challenges made by our Ministry, the ECtHR issued the Köksal/Türkiye judgment, recognized the Commission as a new domestic legal remedy and since not all the domestic legal remedies were exhausted, it rejected the application. The judgment served as a precedent and thousands of other applications were also rejected.

Accordingly, the applications against our country fell down to 12.000 on 30/06/2017. The number rose again to 19.000 on 30 August 2017, however according to the statistics of the ECtHR dated 13 November 2016 it dropped to 8.300 on 31.10.2017.

Finally, it is observed that about 25.000 applications were rejected by the ECtHR after the 15 July. The official numbers will be published in the annual report at the end of the year. The number of applications against our country is expected to drop more in the later period.

Legal reforms which were achieved in the state of emergency regime in compliance with our international obligations and notifications from our Ministry to ECtHR are understood to have been effective in reducing the number. 

Judiciary of Turkey