Handover Ceremony was held in the Ministry of Justice 19.07.2017

Handover Ceremony was held in the Ministry of Justice

AK Party Gaziantep Deputy Mr. Abdulhamit Gül took over the duty of Minister of Justice from Mr. Bekir Bozdağ, who is appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister.
Speaking at the ceremony held in the Ministry of Justice, the Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül expressed his appreciation to Mr. Bozdağ, emphasizing that he had very important services  in terms of Turkey's democracy and law history during his term of office.

Minister Gül said that all the members of judiciary who acted in jurisdiction on behalf of the Turkish nation against 15 July coup attempt stood  upright against that coup. Gül continued his speech as follows:

"Our nation stood upright in streets for its flag, for the country, for the nation, for the state and similarly the Turkish judiciary also showed heroism that night. That's why it's our duty to thank all the judiciary. "

Reminding that FETÖ's coup attempt was repelled with the cooperation of the nation and the Turkish judiciary, Gül said, "The proceedings are continuing and the Turkish judiciary is implementing those proceedings on the basis of equity, law and justice. I hope that these proceedings will also result in a quick, impartial and fair manner so that it will also be finalized in our nation's conscience. We will also follow closely the studies on this subject. "

Mr. Bekir Bozdag, who was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister, stated that he was appointed as the Minister of Justice on 25 December and that it was a difficult time for Turkey at that period. He also noted that all the judiciary struggled together and that the decisions taken and the regulations issued were important steps in combating the FETÖ.

Bozdağ: ‘I feel comfortable’ 
Bozdağ expressed his great honor to handover the duty of Minister of Justice to Abdulhamit Gül, who he believes to execute that duty better than himself. "I believe that Mr. Abdulhamit Gül will be able to execute this duty better than me, carry it to further points and get great accomplishments expected by both our government and nation. I feel comfortable for this handover because I entrust the duty to my successor who I believe to execute that duty better than me, and I'm leaving with such emotions." 


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