Martyrs Fethi Sekin and Musa Can were commemorated in İzmir Courthouse 05.01.2018
Speaking at the commemoration ceremony organized in İzmir Courthouse for martyrs Fethi Sekin and Musa Can, Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül said, "We will stand shoulder to shoulder, together and alive, and we will destroy this treacherous game by cooperation."

A commemoration ceremony was held for the police officer Fethi Sekin and judicial employee Musa Can who had been martyred in the attack organized against İzmir Courthouse by members of the terrorist organization PKK last year.

Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül spoke at the ceremony held. Gül expressed his condolences to the relatives of martyrs Sekin and Can. Stating that Fethi Sekin saved İzmir and Turkey from experiencing a major disaster and grief thanks to his patriotism, love of duty and attention, Gül said that the martyr used his body as a shield against the treacherous bullets.

Expressing that the martyr bailiff Musa Can lost his life with a stray bullet while he was in charge for serving the people, Gül said, "We know that the flags are meaningful with the bloods on them. Land is the motherland if there are people dying for it. If we live freely and independently in these lands, it is at the cost of the lives of our martyrs. Just like Hasan Tahsin, who shot the first bullet in the Independence War and lighted the torch of liberty, and like Ömer Halisdemir, who resisted against the occupying forces on July 15, the position of Fethi Sekin against these treachery invaders is also the same. People like Fethi Sekin and Hasan Tahsin will never and never end in the Anatolian lands. Like the heroes sacrificed their lives for this country in the days during Veteran Mustafa Kemal's struggle for the Independence War by saying 'Independence or death', there will always be heroes who would not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for this land."


Gül pointed out that it is once again shown to what extent Turkish nation sacrificed for Turkey's future and he continued: "Be it FETÖ, DAESH or the PKK, every terrorist organization, enemy and friend witnessed how courageous the people of this country can be. As the terrorism plots against the nation and state to make them submit, we will stand together even more and undermine the treacherous game of terrorism together. I wish "a quick recovery" to the veterans of Izmir Court House because of the last year's attack as the same happened on 15 July in the GNAT. To our belief, martyrs never die. Fethi Sekin, Musa Can and all other martyrs are still alive. Our nation won't bow, national anthem won't stop and our flag won't be lowered."

As well as Minister Abdulhamid Gül, Ministry of Interior Süleyman Soylu, Governor of İzmir Erol Ayyıldız, Mayor of İzmir Aziz Kocaoğlu, Commander of Aegean Army General Abdullah Recep, deputies, protocol members and relatives of the martyrs and court house personnel participated to the commemoration.

Following the participants' speeches, Ministry of Justice Gül and Ministry of Interior Soylu visited the photo exhibition at İzmir Court House C Block, which was opened by Association for the Judicial and Security Correspondents for the anniversary of the attack.


At the commemoration organized afterwards, the martyr police officer Fethi Sekin's statute that came first at the statute competition organized by İzmir Municipality, was opened to visitors in the front of Gate C of the court house.

The father Mehmet Zeki Sekin was the one who opened the statue to the exhibition and said the statue is not made only of his son's silhouette, it also signifies courage and heroism.

Ministry of Justice Gül and martyr Sekin's father treated the visitors with Turkish dessert lokma in front of the court house.  

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