Minister Gül: Counter-terrorism and public services will never stop 31.01.2018
The Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Interior delegated all of the registry procedures of vehicles to Union of Turkish Public Notaries. Ministry of Justice Abdülhamit Gül said during the ceremony; "Our widespread struggle continues against those who want to disrupt the peace among citizens".

Minister of Justice Abdülhamit Gül spoke at the Ceremony for Delegating Registry Procedures of Vehicles to Union of Turkish Public Notaries organized at Anıttepe site of Directorate General of Security and said that the regulation about the new procedure has been published at the Official Gazette. Gül noted that they are happy with sharing with public an application that was present in the action plan of the government.

Minister Gül emphasized that all reforms and works have been realized to contribute to the judiciary, security organization and citizens. He also indicated that the procedures for vehicle registry will be carried out by the public notaries and the licences will be presented to citizens by public notaries.

Minister Gül said that with the new application, the citizens' registry procedures will be completed fast and the workload of the security organization will be reduced. Gül underlined that the public notaries offer services at 1932 locations and the institution of public notary is supposed to demonstrate a culture of mutual compromise. Pointing out that bringing all kinds of matters before judiciary leads to different problems, Gül also said that the Ministry of Justice has been working on alternative ways for removing the procedures having the nature of administrative transaction from the field of judiciary.

Explaining the importance of the Operation Olive Branch, the Minister of Justice Gül emphasized that all kinds of struggle for the living of citizens in a peaceful environment will continue, and said that "We are having an essential fundamental struggle against those who want to disturb the peace of our citizens. Today, we are continuing our determinant efforts for the peace and security of our citizens with all our security forces, judiciary members and every unit of our state. We have a goal of fighting against FETÖ, PKK, YPG, DEAŞ and all other terrorist organizations, and that goal is the unity of our country as well as the peace and security of our citizens. We both carry out the Operation Olive Branch, fight against the terrorists and we take the necessary steps for the peace and comfort of our citizens."

The Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice Selahattin Menteş, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Muhterem İnce, Director General of Security Selami Altınok and President of the Union of Turkish Public Notaries Yunus Tutar participated in the ceremony.

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