Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag: Ringleader of FETO, Gülen's expatriation does not prevent his extradition 08.06.2017

Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag made important explanations about the ringleader of FETO, Gülen's expatriation. Minister Bozdag responded to questions of journalists before the AK Party group meeting and said "his expatriation does not prevent his extradition".


Bozdag's statements:

"First of all, we need to mention the amendment made by a Decree Law regarding the fugitives. Previously, if people did not reply certain invitations during prosecution, they would be deemed fugitives. Through this amendment, people can be deemed fugitives also during investigations. The main purpose is to have the fugitive from investigation surrender to legal authorities, respond to the allegations against them and prevent the extension of legal proceedings. That is the main reason.

The fact that he might be expatriated does not mean we will no longer ask for the extradition of the founder, chair and main terrorist leader of FETO Terrorist Organization, Gulen. Today, US and Turkish agenda mainly focus on FETO's provisional arrest and extradition to Turkey. FETO'S provisional arrest and extradition make up most of the today's agenda of our President of the Republic, Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, me as the Minister of Justice and all other Ministers who communicated with American interlocutors. Turkey has not abandoned its aim and it is impossible to do that. We as Turkey will bring terrorist leader Gulen to Turkey, sooner or later. We will bring him before Turkish justice. Turkish judiciary, on behalf of the Turkish nation, will bring him to account for his misdeeds. We may not have accomplished this today but we will attain this goal in the end. Turkey will never renounce such purpose.

There is an ongoing procedure about expatriation. In case the Ministry of Interior issues an announcement and Gulen does not return before the due time, he will not be expatriated automatically. Council of Ministers is the authority to decide about this. Council of Ministers will take its own decision on whether he will be expatriated or not. Besides, no such decision is taken at the moment and Turkey's right to trial is preserved in any case. Under no circumstances will Turkey's right to trial be annulled.

Council of Ministers is the authority to decide on expatriation. That is to say, it is not certain and clear whether the Council will use its authority to expatriate him or not." 

Judiciary of Turkey