Minister of Justice: Mediation will Reduce Workload of Judicary 13.09.2017
Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül participated in the closing meeting of the Project for the Improvement of Mediation Practices in Legal Disputes in Turkey. Gül said "I recommend to our citizens to consider the mediation system before resorting to judgement, to consider it as a crucial part of the legal system and to resort to mediation practices," emphasizing that mediation practice is an important part of the legal system. He continued "This will contribute to the social peace, the reduction of workload of judiciary and the confidence to the judiciary."



Minister Gül, stressing that they will be the followers of all outcomes of the project which started 3 years ago in Turkey, stated that access to justice, which is among the conditions of law state, is an integral part of freedom of right. Minister Gül said that alternative resolution methods provide significant contributions to the goal of reducing the workload of judiciary and continued "Thus, terms of the proceedings accelerate as well as the quality of the decisions made increases, and confidence to judiciary is established in a stronger manner."



Emphasizing that he believed that mediation system will carry the legal system further, Minister Gül sad:

"Not paying required attention to mediation notion is a deficiency which is open to all kinds of costs. Social cost is the most important thing here. Legal remedy is a process that takes a certain amount of time, requires expenses and imposes risk on relationships. In accordance with the understanding of contemporary justice, we have to improve the instruments used in access to justice in this perspective.

In the new Judicial Reform Strategy Document, which has been updated with a broad perspective within the scope of our country's 2023 vision, strengthening access to justice has been one of the ten main objectives. For this purpose, in order to make the mediation system effective in legal disputes, activating the mediation system in legal disputes has been put forward as a strategy. Mediation provides considerable savings in time and expenses when compared to classical legal remedies. Its mentioned feature stands out as a peaceful resolution method that strengthens the individuals' access to justice. As regard to mediation, it is aimed that parties should resolve the problem with their will as soon as possible, instead of resolving disputes through litigation. In this respect, it contributes to the protection of social peace and accordingly, to the settlement of reconciliation culture in the society. The mediation notion is carrying the legal system to a further level. "



Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül stated that 92 percent success is achieved recently out of 17,000 files subject to mediation practice, and continued "We have approximately 7,000 registered mediators today and they are having their activities all around our country. As being one of those 7 thousand people, it is the common desire of all of us to increase this number and to further develop the system. From the beginning of the mediation to the present day, approximately 17 thousand mediation practices were carried out, and 92 percent of them were concluded with agreement. 90 percent of these disputes was resolved in a day or less.

Minister Gül emphasized that caseload of courts will reduce by 400 thousand by the enactment of mediation system in business lawsuits and said "As the Minister of Justice, I recommend to our citizens to consider the mediation as a crucial part of the legal system and resort to mediation practices before resorting to legal remedies." He continued "This will contribute to the social peace, the reduction of workload of judiciary and the confidence to the judiciary.

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