President Erdoğan: Our judiciary has taken place on nation’s side instead of coup plotters for the first time in our history 10.01.2018
At the opening of the Justice Council, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that the real prosecutors, real judges and real judicial staff of the country got action as soon as the coup attempt is understood and that the system started to process immediately, and added, "On 15 July, our judiciary has taken place on nation’s side instead of tutelage and power for the first time in our republic history.

President Erdoğan participated in the "Justice Council" held at Beştepe Nation Culture and Convention Center. Greeting all participants at the beginning of his speech, Erdoğan expressed his wishes for that the Council would be full of success and contribute to enrichment of law accumulation and new justice policies.


Emphasizing that it is stated in the Qur'an "Allah commands justice, goodness and helping relatives," and it is spoken out by the orator in every Friday khutbah, Erdoğan said "El Adl, is one of the 99 names of our God at the same time. Our Prophet Muhammed Aleyhisselatu Vesselam, who sees one day's fair ruling superior to one year's supererogatory prayer, says: 'Allah loves those who are fair (and just)'. "Noting that Khalifa Ömer was remembered for his sense of justice and responsibility in the state administration, Erdoğan continued as follows:

"Therefore, one of the most important responsibilities that our religion imposes on believers is to act with justice. When we look at the quests for freedom and democracy in the western countries, we see that all of them have emerged and developed on the basis of justice. In our own history, we also see that the statesmen who acted with justice are remembered with gratitude. The justice institutions of the Seljuk and Ottoman eras expressed an understanding far beyond their eras. If there isn't a slightest negativity today that will embarrass us concerning the Ottoman Empire which had ruled over a very wide geographical region for 600 years, this is just because the state was governed with justice. Today, the sufferings, cruelties, massacres and crimes against humanity in the geography from where the Ottoman Empire retreated are the result of injustice. Of course, we have to underline a fact here, law, code and justice are all different terms. Both the law and the code which do not serve the implementation of justice is null and void in society. Dear our lawyers, you are the best to know the codes just remaining on paper. In our country, such an on-paper law period was experienced for a long period."


Erdoğan said, "It is not possible for us to be able to consent to such a justice that exhausts our nation. So, what we say is, 'Delayed justice is not justice.' For this reason, we immediately took this issue to the top of our priorities."


Stating that; "Our nation has an expression such as 'the sword of justice has no scabbard', please note that; the unlimited surrender sense here is belongs to the real justice, not the justice system functioning roughly", Erdoğan continued:

"Therefore, while making or implementing the laws, we need to know that our cornerstone should always be the implementation of justice. When we look back into the past, we see that when we tightly embraced the justice, then we became a peaceful, prosperous society that has risen and strengthened. Whenever we left the path of justice, then we regressed, weakened and crushed under the weight of internal and external problems."


Erdoğan said that, by knowing all the difficulties, they have been working for the implementation of justice for 15 years, carrying out the greatest reforms of the Republican history such as the renewal of fundamental codes in this field, construction of modern courthouse buildings with traditional architecture, establishment of the National Judicial Network NJIS, and continued; "But, we couldn't manage one thing, unfortunately this is a self-criticism, we couldn't realize the use of a very important technology, mechanism like NJIS by FETO. They used this network so cruelly for their own sneaky ambitions, and through it, they really carried out the greatest cruelty."

Stating that the possibility of individual application to the Constitutional Court, the Ombudsman Institution and transition to two-level jurisdiction together with the courts of appeal are among the steps taken towards a more absolute implementation of justice, Erdoğan said, "I hope that we will carry out these works in a more determinant way in the next period by also getting advantage of building the new administration system."

President Erdoğan said that it would be relatively easy to act with justice while everything is going well, and added; "It is difficult to show the same behavior during times of difficulty."


Emphasizing the importance of the First Justice Council, Erdoğan said, "Our God commands 'negotiate and consult in all your affairs, act in consultation between yourselves'. There are such warnings."

President Erdoğan recalled that the Council of State was founded with the name of Şura-yı Devlet which have the same meaning with the current one, and continued, "Counseling and consultation mechanism of the state is the current Council of State. We always talk about these issues in our occasional talks with President of the Council of State, Mrs. Zerrin Güngör. I've always listened from her their sensitivity on how to help our state as the Council of State. Because this is the reason for the establishment of that institution. Our ancestors founded it in order to prevent the amount of mistakes, and to reduce the margin of error. With the expression of deceased poet Abdurrahim Karakoç: 'Hostility and justice cannot walk side by side'."


President Erdoğan said, "We are a nation, a state that did not separate from justice even when the coup plotters martyred our nation with their rifles, guns, helicopters, tanks and planes without batting their eyes during the most traitorous coup attempt in our history on 15 July.", and continued;

"I do not know any other nation, any other country anywhere else in the world to suppress the wildest and lawless attack of the world, like the coup attempt we faced, without getting apart from the principles of rule of law. I saw all of them. On the night of 15 July and later, all of them appeared with approaches like iodine. No one got up and said 'What can we do for our side?' But if the judiciary in Turkey makes a decision about someone who shares their ideology, they promptly call for account. 'Why is so-and-so in prison?' When you have such a thing in normal times, do we ask you 'Why is so-and-so is in prison?' and do we tell you to give him/her back to us? Those who plot the coup attempt in my country come to your country and you protect the coup plotters in your country, you do not extradite them to us.

When these issues are asked, what do they think they are? The West, they say they behave fairly. They do not have justice. Let's not deceive ourselves. Justice is here, here. We trust our mechanism and we do not compare with them. We won't let them pontificate on us. We see very well what they do in their practice. Here, recently we have seen, you have seen USA, Rıza Sarraf issue. Does this have anything to do with law? They can get a totally political decision very clearly. Do the persons feeding the mentioned terrorist in America who escaped from our country in 1999 give him back to us when we say, 'Give him back to us'? No, they don't.  But they wanted 12 terrorists from us and we gave them. Within a period of 15 years, they said, 'These are terrorists', and we showed our good intentions. But when we say 'and now, you give him back to us', they do not. At this point, our judicial authorities give their decisions about this person, we send all the files, we have sent 4.500 parcels to them. They do not have any respect to law and codes at all. They are attempting to challenge Turkey with political decisions they made in their countries. Take me differently at this point, I certainly do not respect these kinds of decisions and I do not believe them either."


Erdoğan stated that once the coup attempt was organized, true prosecutors, judges and judicial personnel of the country took immediate action and the system began the process.

Stating that investigations were launched, arrest warrants were immediately issued against the plotters, President Erdoğan noted, "The rights of our martyrs and the injured, our violated state honour and law were protected. Therefore, I once again would like to extend my gratitude to our prosecutors and judges who stood against the attempted coup on behalf of myself and our nation. For the first time in the republican history, our judiciary did not stand beside the coup plotters or the ones who desire political tutelage and power, they sided with the nation. Our judiciary took lessons from the experiences of the coups in 1960, 1980, on 28 February and the FETO's plots, on the 15 July it has sided with the nation on behalf of whom it made decisions." He emphasized that of all the organizations, the justice organization took the most decisive steps without hesitation in order to cleanse the justice from FETO followers after the 15 July.

"Until today, more than four thousand judges and prosecutors who are FETO members were suspended from duty which dispersed the black clouds over the organization", Erdoğan noted and added, "It is really important that the justice organization showed a resilient and robust attitude against not only immoral but also the mind-blowing methods, traps and deceptive actions of FETO".


The President Erdoğan continued;

"The application Purple Brain concerning ByLock is one of the most concrete examples to this. The organization used this application as a tool to libel 11 thousand innocent people in order to hide the offences committed by the terrorist members who were identified through this application. It concealed codes behind different applications and caused the innocent people to reach ByLock website. The purpose behind was to confuse minds about the evidence and jeopardise the fight against such organizations. Thanks to the prudence and determined work of our institutions, this game was also beaten. The people victimized as a consequence of such events have been compensated for. I believe that the current investigations and trials will be realized with the same meticulous care as said above and the differentiation between the innocent and the guilty will be understood carefully in so far as it satisfies the public conscience.

I ask our nation to show disregard to allegations with the aim of damaging the reputation of our justice organization, judges and prosecutors. As soon as the cases have been terminated and decisions made, we can discuss and negotiate the cases and decisions. At this point, what falls upon us is to show patience and facilitate the activities of our justice organization."


The President Erdoğan expresses his gratitude to the sacrifices of the members of the justice organization who, despite the decrease of the number of judges, prosecutors and personnel, continued to offer legal services as fast as before. He stated, "Even though the number of personnel is fewer and the decision-making process takes shorter period of time, our nation's satisfaction level with the legal services is rising, this shows how further the organization can go if it is fully liquidated and resumes doing its own duty."

Erdoğan noted that there are recruitments and ongoing in-service trainings to fulfil the lack of personnel and higher quality services are being offered, he added.

The President Erdoğan stated that they proceed with determination to keep their promises to provide justice to the nation despite all impediments and hardships. "We will strive to eliminate the remaining effects of the coups blown at the justice and nation's emotional state by the plotters, the persons who want political tutelage and lastly the FETO members", he said.


Erdoğan stated that there is a close relation between justice and economy, and added that determined investors, entrepreneurs stay away from countries where a state of law does not function with all its institutions and upon its principles.

"The investor asks: 'The judiciary has such and such rules. Can you grant us guarantees in here?' and we respond: 'As long as you did not commit any errors, why not?' recalled Erdoğan and added "However, you, the investors are subject to the same circumstances as my citizens. What do you think this trust leads them to? To our country, of course. Money flows like mercury. Money flows towards where there is trust and stability, towards the most optimum place and situation for itself. Neither economy nor justice cannot survive without one another."

The President Erdoğan reiterated that the Ottoman Empire was in a disadvantaged position as it could not find a solution to its economy, compared to the imperialist forces that were looting throughout the world. This situation adversely affected many areas and sectors from the military, education, health to industry and justice.

"The same hardship was experienced at the beginning of the Republic", said Erdoğan and continued:

"The coups, juntas and attempts of political tutelage harmed politics, society and justice dramatically. Economic development is expected to proceed slowly in such an environment where the law is confronted with such adverse situations. The sensitivity we showed when administering the State of law without according concessions has a great role in the drastic increase of investments compared to those achieved in the Republic period for the past 15 years and in the growth of the economy by more than 3%. It is extremely important to remember that we achieved this despite the abuses and games of those who support political tutelage and FETO. Besides, criteria and evaluations regarding our economy today are not fair and just by any chance. Even though during the terms where we made the most important investments, acquired a growth in economy by the highest percentage and had the most active production, we are facing the deliberate evaluations of the credit rating agencies."


Erdoğan said that while the agencies make such explanations, we always warn not to believe what they are telling the people, since Turkey has the number one growth at the third-quarter in the world. He estimated that Turkey will be one of the first three countries on economic growth by the end of the year. And he added, "On average, we must be above 7. We will move forward, they will follow us. We are determined, we have faith in us and stand as Turkey in this competition. Especially since 2013, such organizations have tried their best to damage and destroy our country, but it is unavailing. As is known to all, we stand strong. We proceed towards our objectives with the investments, growth, employment and export."


The President Erdoğan recalled the meeting held in France with the French Employers' Association, MEDEF, which is equivalent to TÜSİAD, he said that the participants did not ask irrelevant questions, instead they negotiated on the ways to enhance the present investments.

"Turkey has established trust. History witnessed the inhuman brutality and violence exerted upon India, China, South Asia, Africa and other countries by western countries, with the aim of eliminating the conventional methods of production, assuming it as a threat to their mass production", he said.

Erdoğan recalled that he was told about the issue once more from the leaders during his last visit in Africa and he added, "People who are not appreciated by others and act as poor watchmen of the rich resources, still await investments that will change their ill fate particularly in Africa and across the world."

Erdoğan continued; "An economic system where a product may be purchased at the lowest price from the majority of the world then sold to the other side with ten times its revenue, is doomed to melt away sooner or later. The global economy turns into a system where people's lives, bloods, efforts and future are made use of. Countries and societies which are racketeered through covert or overt threats, are compelled to finance this irregular system. We as Turkey voice our protests against such injustice, inequality, illegality and brutality on every platform. Our slogan 'The world is bigger than five' is the biggest insurgency against the global injustice. Our slogan finds support from more people each passing day. We will continue to say so until a more just global management system has been established."


Erdoğan underlined that they also disapprove the imbalances in the economy, "While we strive to grow our economy with the support of our infrastructure and over structure, there are constant sabotages towards us, they try to slow us down. One of the most important reason is that we believe in growth, development and sharing with our brothers, sisters, not in imperialism and unlimited production and consumption." he continued.

The President Erdoğan made the following explanation; "They want the democracy, freedoms, the law, prosperity for themselves, when others need such values and principles they turn into the biggest fascists, imperialists and dictators. Their term will come to an end. The world cannot put up with the extent of injustice and brutality prevailing today. I hope that more just, prosperous and peaceful days will appear soon."

Judiciary of Turkey