Minister GÜL: The judiciary has been improving 10.05.2018
Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül participated in the 178th Traditional Meeting of the Turkish Employers Association of Construction Industries (İNTES) and made important remarks.

Minister Gül indicated that, for the last two years, they prepared and have started to implement the legal framework of three significant reforms. He said that the first of these reforms is a package that entered into force last February, with the aim of improving the investment environment. Several innovations and amendments in 12 laws, notably in the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, have been put into effect in this manner.


Gül also mentioned that electronic notification was introduced instead of primitive and old-fashioned procedures.

He explained that the legal process will be initiated by notifying via cell phones, e-mail and other contact addresses, therefore the judicial proceedings will be handled with less effort and cost. In this way, it is envisaged that according to the data of 2017, 28 million out of 40 million notifications will be done electronically by the courts. The regulation foresees that 52 million out of 75 million notifications in total will be done electronically.


Minister Gül recalled that the Law on Mediation in Labour Disputes was amended and put into effect; he also said that it is important to reach an agreement between the parties for the maintenance of public peace and public reconciliation.

By mentioning this successfully functioning regulation, Gül said "The Ministry considers this mediation process as a pilot regulation. We will take into consideration the fruitful results of this regulation and will continue to work on resolving other disputes through alternative means. We are planning to settle financial disputes via mediation. But first of all, we will analyze how this process is implemented in the labour disputes, only then we will continue to extend the scope of this implementation."

Gül thanked the businessmen for their support to the mediation practice, and said "106.352 applications were made to the mediators due to business disputes as of 30 April 2018, and the ratio of compromised files to non-compromised files is about 65%."

Gül noted that the trial proceedings in legal remedies which take years are now resolved within a few days, and continued "The total number of cases filed in the labor courts in the first four months of 2017 is 98.000 while it is 15.886 in the same period of 2018. In other words, about 100.000 cases were filed in 2017 while this number is 15.000 in the same period this year."

Gül declared that there is a decrease by 85% and added that they also care about opening of Turkey Mediation Center under the structure of INTES.

He also said "We will also extend the conciliation concept in penalties in the following period." and stated that they will ensure the citizens not to be victims in criminal proceedings. He emphasized that justice is the most sacred concept to be protected by everyone.

Judiciary of Turkey