Turkey faced a coup attempt which started at 10 pm on 15 July 2016 and continued until the noon hours next day. The coup was going to be launched against the government at 3 am on 16 July 2016 by a team of soldiers who are members of the FTO/Parallel State Structure. However, after the intelligence units were informed about the situation, a group of high-ranking soldiers and the police who are members of the organization and dismissed from their duty executed the coup plan in the evening on 15 July 2016.

Within this framework, F-16 war planes and helicopters bombarded the Grand National Assembly in particular, the Presidential Complex, National Intelligence Organization headquarters, Special Operations Police Centre in Gölbaşı, Ankara Security Directorate and the building of TURKSAT. Soldiers broke in the General Staff headquarters and took hostage the Chief of General Staff and several soldiers who are against the coup. The people who objected the coup were attacked by the fires of F-16 war planes, helicopters and tanks. The soldiers entered the TRT building by force and forced the broadcaster at gunpoint to read the so-called coup statement on behalf of the Peace at Home Council.

Tanks and armed units blocked off Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges and the flights were suspended in Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airports in Istanbul. Public buildings and especially Istanbul Security Directorate were attacked and tried to be captured. Helicopters raided Doğan TV Center and soldiers interfered in the live broadcast at CNN Turk channel. F-16 war planes, helicopters and tanks fired at the people who objected the coup as the same happened in Ankara.

Military airfields, planes, helicopters, missiles in particular, all recourses of the state were utilized during the coup attempt. Because of this attempt, more than 240 people died a martyr including the police, soldiers and civilians, more than 2900 were injured, a lot of public buildings, the Grand National Assembly in particular were damaged and vehicles of the civilians were run over by tanks.

The coup attempt against the President of the Republic of Turkey, the Government of the Republic of Turkey and honorable Turkish nation was prevented by our citizens who took to the streets and protected democracy, our President of the Republic and government as well as by the effective intervention of our security forces.

15 July coup attempt is treason against our nation including Turkish Armed Forces. The terrorist organization considered the works conducted in line with the rule of law as vulnerability and through this attempt it clearly expressed its intention to overthrow the Government of the Republic of Turkey which was elected through the national will and seize control of the Government.

The coup plotters who are members of the illegal structuring have been neutralized, investigations over the allegations of attempting a coup and treason have been launched country wide with regard to the relevant people by the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and the investigations are carried out in line with the principles of the constitution, fundamental rights and freedoms, democracy and rule of law. The number of the members of judiciary who are under arrest, taken under custody or those in relation to which protection measures are issued is not certain as the investigations continue.

As all the democratic countries would take these usual and necessary measures when faced with such a coup attempt and although the current situation requires martial law, state of emergency was declared in order to take the necessary steps effectively and speedily to eliminate the threats to democracy, rule of law, fundamental rights and freedoms of our citizens. The declaration of state of emergency is one of the least severe measures to be taken against such an attempt and does not violate democracy, law and freedoms. Unlike the martial law, the government is not left to the military elements and the civil government continues to operate under democratic rules. Within the framework of the Act on State of Emergency, the authorities of governors have been increased.

15 July coup attempt was carried out against the democratically elected government in our country, but Turkish Armed Forces were not wholly implicated in it. The plotters were an illegal group organized in the Turkish Armed Forces. Our nation objected in unity and solidarity and prevented this coup attempt. Our President and government continue to exercise their duties.

Judiciary of Turkey