Special July 15 Book by the Ministry of Justice 13.01.2017
The Ministry of Justice has published a book titled ‘15 July: Treason of the Century, Victory of the Century’ regarding the coup attempt of the Fetullahist Terrorist Organization on 15 July. Having been prepared to show the bloody face of the FETO coup attempt to the world, the book has been published both in Turkish and in English and also draws attention to the resistance of Turkish judiciary against the coup.

There are 312 photographs in the book prepared by the Press Counsellor Office of the Ministry of Justice, upon the instructions of the Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag. The book, which is also a historical album, has been compiled from a wide range of striking photographs taken by the Anadolu Agency, Dogan News Agency, Ihlas News Agency and from the sharings of the citizens on the social media.  The book has been published electronically on the website of the Ministry of Justice.

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The book is comprised of the following titles: ‘The Presidential Complex was bombed’, ‘The veteran Assembly was bombed’, ‘Traitors stormed the hotel where the President was staying’, ‘Strategic state institutions were bombed’, ‘The Bosphorus Bridge was blocked’, ‘Critical places in Istanbul were occupied’, ‘Brutal massacre by coup plotters’, ‘A resistance which changed the course of history’, ‘National will our veterans’, ‘National will our martyrs’. The book has also given place to the photographs of the brutal massacre by the coup plotters on the night of 15 July which have not so far been published anywhere.


The book will be prepared in English by the Directorate General for the European Union Affairs under the Ministry of Justice and sent to the Ministry of Justice and the presidents of higher judicial bodies of each country, notably of the USA and the EU countries upon the signature of the Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag. It has also been reported that the book will be sent to the European Union and the Council of Europe as well as all the international institutions and organizations and the representatives in foreign countries.


You can use the QR codes to watch the videos of the striking moments of that dark night, when the bombs dropped from the warcrafts, the fire opened from the helicopters and that of the weapons directly targeting people martyred 248 citizens and wounded 2,194 more on that dark night.


The resistance showed by Turkish nation against the coup attempt of 15 July is depicted under the title “A resistance which changed the course of history”. Having written that the resistance to the attempt started when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement aired on TV and invited the people to the squares and streets, the book states as follows: “During the brutal coup attempt on 15 July 2016, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement at 00.26 aired on CNN Turk TV channel via face-time and called Turkish nation to take to the streets against the coup plotters. After the Commander-in-Chief, President Erdogan, who represented the unity of Turkish nation, made this call, 79 million Turkish people risking death sincerely and courageously flooded towards the squares and streets across the country in order to protect national will.”


In the book titled “Treason of the Century – Victory of the Century”, the remarks of the Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag are presented as follows:

“In the coup attempt on 15 July 2016, the Turkish nation came together and fought to the death in order to protect democracy, the law, the national will, the constitution and those they have elected behind President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is the head of state and who represents the unity of Turkish nation, just as the nation united for the struggle for liberation, independence and future and fought the enemy to death behind Ghazi Mustafa Kemal in the years of the Independence War. 15 July 2016 is the day when our veteran Assembly which had already conducted the independence war and founded the Republic was bombed by the traitors in our own warplanes for the first time and deserved to have the honour being veterans for the second time. 15 July 2016 is the day when the esteemed members of the Assembly protected the entrusted national will to the death, kept the Assembly open, suffering from the bomb attacks in order to stand watch over the democracy while our nation also stood in the streets and kept guard of the national will to the death. 15 July 2016 is the day when all these dark forces, traitors and their coconspirators among us learned once again that there is no superior power to that of the nation. 15 July is the day when the power of the nation defeated that of the tanks and weapons. 15 July 2016 is the day when the people dealt a blow to the coup plotters. 15 July 2016 is the day when both our friends and enemies learned that no power will be able to change the government or come to power through unlawful means. 15 July 2016 is the day when it was declared once again that this nation and its will cannot be taken hostage or brought under control. May Allah not make this nation and state witness another day when the Assembly is bombed.”


A section titled ‘The judiciary said “Stop!” to a coup for the first time in the history’ is prepared under the title ‘A resistance which changed the course of history’ with respect to Turkish judiciary which stood upright against the coup attempt. Having underlined that the judiciary showed firm will and courage against the coup attempt, the book also emphasizes that the judiciary no longer finds such attempts ordinary and the following statements are included under the relevant section:

“In the previous coup attempts, the judges and prosecutors who were the disgracers of the judiciary since they gave the biggest support to the coup plotters before and after the coup attempt and signed the decisions which even sent the publicly-elected Prime Minister and Ministers to the gallows of the coup plotters. However, after the coup attempt was staged on 15 July, at the earlier hours, when it was still uncertain whether the coup would succeed or not, some judges and prosecutors did not hesitate to stand by the Constitution, the rule of law, national will and its representatives, without any fear, oppression or hesitation or any personal considerations. Investigations were initiated and decisions of custody and detention were taken with respect to those who staged the coup attempt, which proved that it was the judiciary of the nation. Furthermore, for the first time in such a situation in the history of Turkish nation, pages of honour and dignity were added to the history of Turkish judiciary instead of those of shame. Our nation and history will never forget this courageous and honourable attitude and fight of Turkish judiciary against the coup plotters. The presidents and members of the Constitutional Court, the Court of Cassation and the Council of State, deputy presidents, head of chambers and members of the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors, chief public prosecutors, public prosecutors and judges stood against the coup attempt with a firm will and courage.”

Click to see the book "15 July: Treason of the Century - Victory of the Century" 

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